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New Graduate Student Orientation

New graduate students are invited to learn about resources available around campus including the library, registrar's office, human resources, and graduate...

8/26 10 am
Graduate Students Welcome Event

Fall Semester is fast approaching and soon we will begin classes! The event will feature information on graduate student resources, student workshops, food,...

8/26 12 pm
LGBTQ Welcome Social

Come meet the UND LGBTQ community, learn about ways to get invovled on campus, enjoy some food, and have fun!

8/29 5 pm
College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Open House

The College of Arts & Sciences is hosting an open house to celebrate gratitude and generosity as we bring together students who have received a scholarship...

10/1 4 pm

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Barry Branvold

Barry Branvold left a negative review 4/1/2018

I was disappointed that teams were asked different questions. I was also disappointed they used Trivial Pursuit questions. Trivial Pursuit questions are written by 2 Canadians who do not always do accurate research. There was a question Monday night about the active branches of the military. When The chief officer of the Grand Forks Air Base said 4, he was correct in that the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are the main branches with the Marines a branch of the Navy. The organization hosting the event could get someone to write questions for all teams to answer the same block of questions, and have a fair competition. They could also open the event to more teams from the community and UND, rather than limiting the teams to 4 that were invited. If the trivia is truly UND and Grand Forks, It could have more groups from each. The host did a good job and organization seemed to be prepared. There were times when I, as an audience member could not hear answers that were not repeated by the host. The host attempted to include audience members but sometimes he failed. The format and participation could be greatly improved.