SMHS Faculty Development: Organized Teaching: Control the Chaos and Support Student Success

Thursday, September 23, 2021 12 pm to 1 pm

Presenter: Dr. Adrienne Salentiny 

The research continues to show that practices such as active learning, project-based or case-based learning, formative feedback opportunities, and personalized educational experiences are beneficial to students. Engagement, retention, transfer of knowledge, and positive outcomes are often increased in comparison with traditional course formats. Studies have also shown that these benefits are further bolstered when students feel that their professor knows them, cares about their progress, and regards the class and topics as important. But where can faculty find the time to deliver rich content, interact, provide feedback, evaluate, and develop meaningful relationships with students? Day-to-day scheduling constraints and responsibilities related to and beyond teaching make it difficult to find dedicated time to engage. Plus, time zones and technology present as additional obstacles to effective and efficient online instruction.

This session will apply organizational and resource management methods to the ‘madness.’ Tips and tools designed to support intentional, meaningful, timely, and personalized interactions with students will be discussed.  Strategies and tools designed to help faculty efficiently manage the evaluation of authentic learning activities, close the feedback loop, and cultivate rewarding instructor-student relationships will be explored. Participants are highly encouraged to share and explain their own methods, tips and tricks as well!

This faculty development session is hosted by the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship unit of Education Resources and the Office of Education and Faculty Affairs at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This series showcases topics of interest to the medical and health education community and is free and open to anyone at UND. Previous faculty development sessions can be streamed at any time from our website.

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