Last Day to Change To/From Audit Grading for a Regular Session Course

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Students wishing to enroll in University classes as auditors must seek and receive the prior written consent of the instructor. They must also, at that time, learn from the instructor what will be expected of them or allowed as an auditor. The earliest date to add an audit is the first day of class. The regular deadline for adding a class will also be the deadline for all of the following:

Adding a class as an audit: changing from grade to audit; and changing from audit to grade.

Auditors have no claim on the time or service of the instructor. Normally, auditors will be expected to attend, but not required to participate in the oral or written work of the class. If they are allowed to take examinations, the exams would normally not be graded. It is up to the instructor, however, to determine the appropriate requirements or restrictions for auditors for any given course. If students fulfill the expected requirements, their transcript will show no credit for the class, but a designation of “AU.” If they do not meet expectations, a grade of “WAU” will be entered on their transcript. Auditors are identified to the instructor on the official class list. An auditor may not later establish credit in that course by taking a special examination. The course must be repeated to earn credit. Audited courses do not count toward class load for financial aid or other purposes.

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