Last Day to Change To or From S/U Grading

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Grades of S or U rather than the traditional grades of A through F are used by the University under regulations specified. A grade of S grants credit toward graduation but does not affect a student’s grade point average except as outlined below in item number 4. A grade of U also does not affect the grade point average and does not grant credit toward graduation.

Elective S-U Enrollment

A student of sophomore, junior or senior standing (as determined by the Registrar) may elect to enroll in one or more courses per semester for S-U grading subject to the following regulations. Students with fewer than 24 completed credits may elect S-U grading only with the permission of their advisor and dean.

A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit of elected S-U grades may be counted toward his or her baccalaureate degree. Students may not elect S-U grading for courses in their major. (This restriction does not apply to those courses that have only S-U grading.) In the event a student wishes to major in a field in which he/she has taken a required course for an S-U grade, the department, with the approval of the Academic Dean, may (a) accept the S-U grade, (b) select an additional class to substitute or (c) request the Registrar’s Office to change the S or U to the letter grade submitted by the instructor. A student may take extra-departmental major requirements for an S-U grade with the approval of the major department chair and his/her Academic Dean. Repeating a course by S-U registration will eliminate the effects of the earlier grade from a student’s grade point average if the achieved result is an S. Repetition, which results in a U, will leave the effects of the earlier grade intact.

Class rolls and grade sheets will not identify students who are enrolled for S-U grading. Grades of A, B, and C will be converted by the Office of the Registrar to a grade of S. Grades of D and F will be converted to U. Changes in registration to or from S-U grading may, with the approval of the advisor, be made up to the last day to drop the course.

Students who utilize the S-U grading system are cautioned that they may encounter difficulty in having such credit accepted or evaluated, should they attempt to transfer credit to another university, change majors, or make application for graduate or professional study.

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