Graduate Student Support Group

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 3 pm to 4 pm

Raise your hand if you have experienced increased anxiety, stress, depression, or relationship problems while in graduate school.  Graduate school can be grueling. You are not alone!  Please consider attending this 10-week support group for grad students who wish to come together to share their challenges and struggles. Participants may attend as many sessions as their schedules allow and will have an opportunity to engage in discussion, to give and receive support.  Some topics will include ways to balance academics and personal life, feeling like an imposter, relationships with advisors and peers, perfection, connecting to others, managing stress and other concerns based on the needs of the group.  This group will be facilitated by Brenda Satrom, Licensed Clinician at the UCC and Meghan Benzing, Graduate Counseling intern at the UCC.  This group will provide a safe and supportive environment to aid you in thriving rather than surviving.

All currently enrolled graduate students are invited to participate.
Sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies in partnership with the University Counseling Center. 

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