Enhancing Scholarly Productivity through Faculty Work-Life Balance: Lasting Lessons from the NCFDD

Friday, October 4, 2019 3:00pm to 4:00pm

One reality of academic work is that it is never finished and always demanding more of your time. In this session we will hear from three UND faculty members about insights they gained from completeing the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity's (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program. Our focus will be on practical take-aways that will help you center your efforts more effectively, with the goal of increasing productivity and enhancing well-being across work and personal life.

Panelists: Dr. Tamba-Kuii Bailey, Counceling Psych; Dr. Krista Lynn Minnotte, Sociology; Dr. Timothy Pasch, Communications

Facilitators: Dr.Casey Ozaki, TTaDA Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Excellence and Dr. Anne Kelsch, Director of Faculty and Staff Development

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