4-Fun Tournament: Dota 2

Saturday, September 19, 2020 8:00pm

Calling all Dota 2 players! Join the North Dakota Varsity Esports program for another round of the 4-fun Tournament Series on Saturday, September 19th at 8 PM on the UND Esports Discord Server. All skills and experience welcome!



Dota 2 Tournament

September 19th - 8 p.m.


UND is hosting a Dota 2 competition in the hopes of forging friendships and strong bonds between players. 


  • All matches will take place online
  • Matches will be a Bo1 standard 1v1
  • Default server is US-East
  • Single elimination format
  • Brackets will be seeded based on rank if possible.


  • This event will take place on Saturday, the 19th of September, at 8 pm. It is a one day event.
  • Matches cannot be rescheduled.

Team Composition and Player Eligibility

  • Players will register and provide their rank and ID. 
    • Smurfing is disallowed and players caught will be penalized.
  • All players must be UND students or faculty.
    • Students will be expected to verify their status in the UND Esports discord before playing.
  • All players must be in the discord in order to play.

Gameplay Rules

  • If a player disconnects, they have 5 minutes to reconnect.
  • Interactions should be kept cordial and friendly. Issues relating to bad manner (BM), toxicity, or other inappropriate behavior will be penalized appropriately.
    • When in doubt, keep interactions to ‘glhf’ (or related), ‘gg’ (or related), general game setup, technical problems, or other game relevant issues.
  • Results can be changed up until the next series in the bracket has begun in the event of a rule being broken, etc.
  • There will be the use of standard 1v1 practices, including:
    • No bottles
    • No runes
    • No raindrops
    • Other lanes are off-limits
    • Players do not have to pick the same hero
  • Games may be treated as a Bo3 if both players agree prior to the first match beginning

Administrative Rules

  • Teams will have 10 minutes to show up for their matches before being disqualified. 
  • Varsity program staff will create the lobby or give instructions to create it.
  • Match results must be reported in the appropriate discord channel as soon as the series is completed.
  • It is encouraged to save screenshots, recordings, or other evidence in the event of a dispute
  • Incorrect ID’s, smurfing, illegal players, bad manners, falsifying match results, cheating/hacking, etc, will result in penalties.
  • For assistance, please notify any varsity program staff or Esports Club officer


*These rules are not all inclusive and varsity program staff may amend these rules at any time without warning.


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Dial-In Information

Join the UND Esports Discord to tune in to the event!

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/87cn8aZ

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