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Wednesday, August 19

COVID-19 Testing Event

If you are currently coming to campus or returning to campus soon, it’s important to consider being tested, especially if you are experiencing any...

Med Year 3: Clerkship Rotation 1

Clerkship rotation 1 begins for third-year medical students

Med Year 3: Trimester 1

First trimester for third-year med students

Med Year 4: Trimester 1

First trimester for third-year med students

General Rooftop

YuJa is an all-in-one service for recording, editing, storing and streaming multi-formatted video and audio content across any device. YuJa also provides...

9:30 am
Virtual Event
Taking notes

Practical Tips for Teaching Online Whether you asked to move your on-campus course to an online format due to pedagogical issues, health concerns or...

10:30 am
Virtual Event

Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration platform. With Zoom, you have the flexibility to create virtual classrooms and invite students to...

1 pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, August 19