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Sunday, October 6

AORE Outdoor Challenge

Hey, we get it. We love Netflix too. But the amount of time we spend inside is becoming a national health crisis. By participating in AORE Outdoor Challenge,...

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Weekly meeting for students to discuss upcoming events, questions about their aircraft, and fly together. No experience required!

Frank Sampson Retrospective

For forty years Frank Sampson—now ninety-two years old—taught painting and printmaking at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He returns for one month in...


Russian pianist Arsentiy Kharitonov’s debut concert at Carnegie Hall was cited in the New York Observer as one of New York’s top six concerts of the 2015 –...

Vinyasa Yoga

Area: Group Exercise Activity: YOGA Level I Sanskrit for flow, move in and out of different postures utilizing strength and flexibility. Leave this class...

Sunday, October 6